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The way we operate

We put safety first. Providing all employees a safety and comfort working environment is our first priority. Employee have learnt START(stop-think-act-review-teach)process for those non-standard processes. We document the standard safety operation procedure for those standard processes. A training of about 20 safety classes is a must before any new employee be put onto duty so that all employee can recognize the risk as well as taking necessary actions to prevent it.
Champion aim at developing a good working environment all the way through the company by emphasizing team work as well as the competition. Employee will take the initiative and commit themselves within this equal and mutual-respect working environment. Continuous Improvement ideas were adopted and formalized—each implemented improvement suggestion will be awarded immediately.
We emphasize at the process control to pursue the "zero defect" quality target. From the process control in supplier's site through packing and delivery, we document relevant quality control matrix for those volume products to manage the whole process. Time based feedback from customer will also help us achieve the good and consistent quality standard.
We continuously eliminate waste within our operation system through the implementation of 5S which largely contribute to our aim of lean manufacturing. Through the implementation of 5S, we gained not just a clean and safety working environment but also a higher quality level as well as the higher productivity. By eliminating the wastes within the operation system, we effectively lowered our cost which helps us get a better position in terms of long term competitive power. Also 5S help visualize all management activity which consequently bring the improvement to all levels of management.

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